September 5, 2012

Morning taking a moment to put some ideas on paper, rain is allowing us to discuss some of the finer details. We actually may have a approximation date for the raising, but will give a shout out in a few days when we fine tune that. As for now we have running water, flushing toiletand soon a shower. 

We came down to the Creek in Marshfield to have some of Dad's help and to use his honken' band saw. We needed to cut the splines for the frame. Always great to get a little Creek air!! 

September 2, 2012

   We have some progress to update as we move gladly on from foundation and site work for now and set about the carpentry phase. This is a relief to us both as we feel it is more in our wheelhouse and perhaps we'll move along closer to plan!
   The footings,foundation walls,drainage(which needed to depend on a pump),backfilling,gradeing,slab(first and last subcontractor for a spell),waste lines extended,water main extended and hooked-up,foyer floor framed,and the timber sills freshened up and set have got it looking pretty housey!!! We are starting to plan the timber frame phase. First shoehorning all the timbers onto the sight and ordering the assembled bents, the chief logistical issue. Then comes the raising which hopes to include some recruits, can't wait.
The Gods are on are side

Third shift

footings have to be pretty too

Fox Blocks, these became the foundation,lots of rebar

yah,we had some setbacks with rain,who doesn't

we hoped we were ready to pump 14 yds into the legos

nobody want to depend on a sump, but!

weez always dresses the part

Beans & Franks

It'll have heat,sewer,running water an everything

golly gee it was swell watching someone else work for a change

couldn't believe the cut line had to go there

water main active did feel like progress

Backfill,sills,moving on up
   Then we move toward winter in a race to get the bones skinned and snugged up.

there she is

there she is