March 23, 2012

The Cabin actually Lives On

Louise and Bruce have been working behind the scenes to kick this project into gear. Well that has paid off and have strung a number of events out over six months. Sold Wilton Lane for a tidy profit to a great young couple looking for a quiet neighborhood. Moved out of there with multiple landing spots, timbers hauled to a boatyard covered in rubber to winter, the American solution of self storage absorbed a chunk, the Bruce McCarthys volunteered some backyard for the outdoor type overflow,the dump and goodwill were visited plenty, and the critters came with us and the prized possessions to the cozy cabin where we enjoyed the easy winter ever!
  Now we are on the final approach as our appraisals are in, building permit in hand, and the bank still is telling us promising things to the point that we went ahead and had the big ass pine tree taken and put power from the house to a temporary pole. We spent our first nite with cooking on the grill and stepping over extension cords. 
   We are hoping the next few days bring news of a closing date and Bob Crowley showing up with his nail puller and some willing assistants to take the cabin to it's new life as a ranger station at their new yurt camping venture.
   Good luck to them,Us, and thanks to Jeff Croft for putting Bob onto us.    STAY TUNED

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there she is

there she is