December 4, 2012

Next phase, Close-in

   We have come a ways on a number of fronts since we last sent out a post. Foundation, Sills, Frame assembled, Crane raising accomplished, Roof Panels on, Rubber roof down, Staging set, Shingle dipping underway, and finally we are starting to snug the place up with hanging the wall panels!! The frame was pulled from the boatyard in decent shape a few months back and put out the call for some help and did we ever get folks jumping right in, it was incredible. The Crane raising itself was over three days with the floors being plugged-in as we moved thru 5 Bents.

  With winter hinting some weatherproofing is in order so we now have warm room for shingle dipping, storage, hand warming and running up the electric consumption. But we are getting styrofoam panels hung so we feel like we may win the race against the cold. Heck the windows we ordered have even arrived.  It does feel like it goes slowly at times with just the two of us yet the progress still lifts us up just enough! It certainly is fun to be see everything come out like we imagined it.

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there she is

there she is