June 15, 2012

diggen for gold.....

Greetings all Cabin followers..... 

         A quick up date of the job sight. We began digging for the foundation about a week ago. Rented a large tractor with a 1500lb. hammer drill on one end. Bruce has been comfortably hammering out our ledge in a protected, some what air conditioned wheel house. He has proven to be an amazing rock digger!!! He takes on projects with ease....stays focused, barely stops for food or water...digs till I kick him off at 8:00pm....trying to keep the neighbors on our side (may have to throw everyone a little note to say thanks for their patience during this very noisy endeavor. With lots of success coupled with some harder rock that may not give way... which could change our design in the studio apartment area, will have better idea by the end of today. In any event it looks like  we will have the machine for another week!!  
We found an amazing green, beautifully shaped bottle, in perfect condition. We will research to see what it was used for at some point. Mean while Marley and I wear ear protection and go about our business on the sight. I am busy with some timber work that was left over from last year. Mostly small timbers that are easily movable with out the tractor. Marley moves with ease around finding that perfectly shaded or sunny spot that suits her fancy.  I was able to groom her in between some timber work. So all is going great at the Cabin Lives on sight!! Still looking for a new name for the sight. Since their is not a cabin any longer hard to say meet me at the Cabin.... Sweetheart..... Any ideas gladly welcomed!!  Stay tuned and take care!!!     Weezie

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there she is