July 11, 2012

Morning..... We finally drove the big green machine down Cliff ave. The Scene has been set for a foundation under the Timber frame!!! Bruce worked as hard as one can to get the hole dug...battling through lots of rock and ledge that simply would not break up!! Four weeks later... we are ready for gravel, forms, and rebar. Its been a trying part of the project, but now that's its doneBruce feels like a new man!! And I'm excited to jump back in and move some gravel. We Keep looking ahead to the raising.... knowing that this is the carrot we are shooting for. We treated ourselves to a wonderful day off yesterday. We hiked around Wolfe Neck's Farm and than proceeded down many back roads to get to Cundy's harbor for fish and chips and a cold beer. We truly live in an amazing place!!

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  1. What is the latest timeline for raisin' he. . .well ahh hooplah on Cliff Ave?
    Is there solid or passible ground to stand on?


there she is

there she is